3 Things You Need to Know About Himalayan Salt Lamps

You’ve probably heard about Himalayan salt lamps, but are they any good? They look pretty but they’re not cheap. Are they worth it?

If you’ve seen one lit up you’ll know that there’s a hypnotic, warming glow, the comforting light is so inviting you feel compelled to hand over your cash without question.  You might feel naturally cautious about spending money on a lump of salt that claims to give you health benefits just by having it in the room. It is sooo pretty though!

Which Type of Salt Lamp is the Best?

The most popular Himalayan salt lamps are the ones that plug in, the bulb inside (interestingly it’s a 15w cooker bulb) should get nicely warm, enough for you to cup your hands round it like it’s a mug of hot chocolate.

Himalayan Salt LampsYou could opt for the smaller tea light version which is definitely cheaper, when the tea light is lit it will still give off a warm glow but not as good as the plugged in version, it won’t get as warm and the warmth is important.

Or there’s the USB mini lamp which aren’t seen in shops so often but certainly handy if you’re stuck for space or run out of plug sockets. Whether you get any work done will be another matter as you’ll probably just end up staring at the beauty of it.


What Do Salt Lamps Do?

Salt lamps release negative ions. The air is full of negative and positive ions but strangely it’s the negative ones that we need around us, even though it sounds wrong. It’s all very scientific but negative ions are the ‘goodies’. They are the ones in the air that will neutralise the pollution.

Salt lamps naturally attract water and when they are heated the evaporation produces negative ions. They then get to work by making our environment safe, clean and healthy.

A salt lamp near your computer will help to neutralise EMF, the harmful Electric and Magnetic Fields that are emitted from our huge array of modern electrical equipment. You can read more about them here

What Are the Health Benefits of Salt Lamps?

Salt has always been known for its healing and cleansing qualities and is even used to cleanse crystals, which indicates how powerful it is.

Many people have found that salt lamps have helped with allergies, asthma, coughing, anxiety and many many more modern health problems that are difficult to treat. They improve the air quality, so keeping one in the bedroom overnight may help you to sleep better. If you can’t sleep unless it’s totally dark then keep it on all day so it can do its precious work, and then turn it off to go to sleep. If you struggle to fall asleep quickly then you may enjoy this post.

You’ll be pleased to know that you can’t have too many salt lamps in the house as every room can benefit.  That means you can enjoy shopping for big ones, small ones, different shades and different types.

We’d love to hear about your favourite lamp and how you’re getting on with it. Leave us a comment below…



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