3 Ways to Fall Asleep Quickly and Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

It’s getting late; you know you need to fall asleep quickly as you’ve got a busy day ahead. The more you think about it the more frustrated you become. It’s horrible, and you know you’ll suffer the next day.

Wind down before you go to bed.

Feeling SleepyIf your head is full of things from the day and you’re either stressed or excited then you’re just not going to fall asleep quickly at all, and if you do your sleep isn’t going to be the restful and regenerative sleep that you need.

Try turning the television and gadgets off an hour before bed, and if you can’t do that try half an hour, or even 20 minutes.

Avoid watching the news, murder programmes or anything grim and depressing before bed. Your mind needs to be calm, clear and settled. If you’re reading in bed choose very simple and light-hearted books, not murder mysteries, horror stories and things that you don’t want to be dreaming about.

Avoid stimulants

Tea, coffee, chocolate and alcohol are all stimulants. Coffee, and in particular dark chocolate contain caffeine which is a stimulant and will keep you awake.

Avoid sugary products for the same reason, they will keep you awake too. As well as being stimulants, tea and coffee will also keep you trotting to the loo all night.

Water isn’t a stimulant but it’s still a good idea to stop drinking an hour before bed.

You could try chamomile tea, it’s very relaxing. It’s a very ‘flowery’ tasting tea. Some people love it and others don’t. Again, not too near bedtime in case you keep getting up for the loo.

Prepare the area.

It’s not always possible but if you can make your bedroom a relaxing place to be then you’ll naturally feel more relaxed and fall asleep quicker. If it’s piled high with boxes of things you’re intending to put on eBay or take to a car boot sale then it’s likely to leave you unsettled in bed. It could also start you off grumbling about them or laying there deciding what to do with them.

A Himalayan salt lamp can help with your quality of sleep. You can read about Himalayan salt lamps here.

Make sure your room is dark enough. Leaving a salt lamp on gives a beautiful warming glow and works as a good nightlight but you may find that the room is too bright for you. Everyone is different. If that’s the case then just leave the salt lamp on all day and switch it off at bedtime.

Feeling Sleepy Yet?

Well that all sounded quite boring didn’t it? Think of it this way, if you can fall asleep quickly and have a better quality sleep then you can enjoy the day ahead. Even if it’s a work day and nothing exciting is happening, you’ll find yourself happier, lighter and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.


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