5 Energy Boosting Foods to Get You Through the Day

5 Energy Boosting FoodEnergy boosting foods will help get you through the day. Sugar and caffeine will give you a boost but it’s only short-lived. You need healthier options if you want sustained energy.

You wake up startled, glance at your phone and you realise that your alarm went off twenty minutes ago! So you jump out of bed, spend 5 minutes in the bathroom and rush out the door without your breaksfast, maybe you’ll grab a strong coffee on the way? Sound familiar?

From the moment you wake up to the moment your head hits the pillow you’re always moving, always working, always tired. For many people, this is a norm. When you live such a fast-paced life, you need a little something extra to get you moving.

Here’s a List of Five Energy Boosting Foods to Get You Through the Worst of Days

Eggs: Energy Boosting FoodEggs

Nothing makes a breakfast as good (or as healthy) as a plate of tasty eggs. Whether poached, fried, boiled, well-done or runny, they’re good for your health either way. Eggs are rich in B-vitamins which means that they help your body convert food to energy faster. They’re also high in protein to help you recover after intense exercise.


Green Tea: Energy Boosting FoodTea

This is good news for all the tea lovers out there. Different types of tea provide different benefits, but since most of them have vitamins and caffeine, they all count as energy boosting foods. Starting your day with a cup of black or green tea could be the perfect way to get your daily energy high. Although they contain enough caffeine to give you a boost, green and white tea are a lot more healthy than black tea and coffee (more about that in a future post).


Cereal: Energy Boosting FoodWhole Grain Cereal

Oatmeal? Quinoa mixed with nuts? With so many forms of whole grain cereal in the market today, there’s a little something to suit anyone’s taste. Serve up some whole grain cereal with goats milk or yogurt and get enough carbs to fuel you through the day. Cereals also have the added benefit of being rich in fibre, which will ensure you have stable sugar and energy levels throughout the day.

Nuts and Seeds: Energy Boosting FoodNuts, Fruits and Seeds

Nuts and fruits are one of the best energy boosting foods combinations for you, especially if you always seem to be in a hurry. Simply keep them with you and munch away during the day to get all the energy that you need. Some fruits like dates pack more of a punch when they’re dried. Go steady on the dried fruit though as it’s high in sugar. Similarly, avoid eating salted nuts and eat them as nature intended.


Fish: Energy Boosting Food
Oily Fish

There’s a reason health experts recommend eating fish and seafood at least once a week. Fish is rich in important nutrients like protein and omega 3 fatty acids. It also contains iron which helps the body use oxygen to generate energy from food.


That’s it! Hope that little compilation helps with your energy quest. P.S: some of your favorite snacks (and we’re talking dark chocolate and popcorn) are great energy boosting foods too.


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2 thoughts on “5 Energy Boosting Foods to Get You Through the Day

  • 4 September 2017 at

    Thank you for the great post. I will surely add these foods to my new eating plan.

    • 27 November 2018 at

      Thank you, I’m pleased you enjoyed the post. I would particularly recommend the nuts and seeds, so easy to pop a few in a tiny container to keep in your bag. You could also toast them in a pan and add a bit of Himalayan pink salt, not regular salt. We must write a blog post on that! 😉


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