The Beginner’s Guide to Coconut Oil

The Beginners Guide to Coconut OilCoconut oil is the oil that everyone is talking about. You’ve heard that it’s the must-have oil to cure all ills. Well, it may not transform your whole life overnight, and give you bigger boobs or longer legs but it is damn fine stuff.

Coconut oil can be eaten from the spoon, added to salad, used as a spread, melted with hot water, used as a cooking oil, and also works well in variety of beauty treatments on the skin and hair.

All Coconut Oils Are Not Equal

Go for the very best you can afford as quality really does matter. Find the price and the brand that you’re comfortable with and stick to it. Don’t be tempted by cheap versions. If you’re going to do it then do it properly; make it affordable, but choose a good one. Just like olive oil, coconut oil is better for you if you buy the organic extra virgin. Look for raw too, although it’s not always labelled.

Coconut oil is a very stable oil, unlike most other oils out there. It’s wonderful to cook with and digested well in the body. You can heat it up and the molecular structure is still stable, then you can cool it down to use it later and it’s still stable. It’s a delight; it needs no special treatment or consideration once you get it home. It even handily works as a barometer, you can tell the temperate by how melted the coconut oil is. When it’s cold it’s rock-solid, when it’s hot it’s a liquid. It tells you if you’re having a hot flush or not!

10 Things Coconut Oil Can Do For you

Improve your digestion

Kill candida

Improve your energy

Balance your blood sugar

Boost your metabolism

Help with dementia

Lower cholesterol

Improve your skin from within

Make a great natural moisturiser on your face and body

Make a great hair mask

For Your pet: Give 1-3 teaspoons to your dog or cat for a beautifully shiny coat and a healthy digestive system. It makes a great paw butter too.

Coconut Oil Kills

If you’ve heard that coconut oil kills then yes that’s true.

It kills parasites, fungus, yeast, disease; it’s so good that it kills everything in its path that isn’t good for you. It’s like a magical cleanser and healer in your body. It’s good stuff!

The internet is alive with reports that the American Heart Association has claimed that coconut oil will kill you. They recently claimed that butter, coconut oil and steak will kill you. Really? It’s not a great idea to eat butter and steak in large quantities but how can eating margarine, a synthetic product that is effectively elasticated butter-tasting chemicals be better for you?

Call us cynical but it all smells a bit fishy, and definitely not coconutty.  We’re almost waiting to see if The British Heart Foundation follows suit, hope not. Of course, don’t take our word for it, feel free to investigate yourself.

Your body knows and recognises real food, it doesn’t recognise false, manufactured foods, these foods make our body work really hard as it has to work out what they are and how to process them. *off soapbox now*

Coconut oil is an amazing natural healer, there are so many uses for the magical creamy stuff. Many (if not all) of the health problems we suffer from in modern life stem from stress in one way or another. We end up loading our bodies with chemicals in order to get relief from the itchy skin, constipation, candida etc. Of course the stress needs managing too but coconut oil is a great healer.

Let us know how you get on with the coconut oil and what it’s helped you with, we’d love to hear …

Here’s a very funny video explaining how coconut oil will kill you 😉



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