How to Meditate When You Have an Overactive Brain

How many times have you read an article, a book, watched a video about how to meditate and decided that now is the time to get serious, you’re going to do it this time.

Is This What Happens When You Try Too Hard to Meditate?

How to Meditate When You Have a Busy Overactive BrainFirst you make your space and try to get comfy. Is your back going to hurt in this position? Will your bum get numb? Maybe you should move, ooh what about that cushion you bought a while back, now where is it?

As you sit on the floor you notice a dust pile in the corner that you haven’t spotted before. Maybe you should clean it up first?

You wonder if you need the toilet again before you start.

Hmmm, maybe you should just send a few emails first so that you can relax. No, that would be silly and you stop yourself.

You close your eyes and you hear noises around you. You start cursing the neighbour’s dog for barking, the birds for singing and the people driving down the road.

Let’s light some candles, and some incense.

Oh, how about finding those crystals …

Maybe I should find my eye mask …


If this is you and your monkey brain then watch this endearing video where Mingyur Rinpoche from explains how we can meditate and ways we can fit meditation into our daily lives. He understands how difficult it is to get started with meditation and explains how we try too hard and then get fed up and give up. He goes on to show us many ways to be mindful in our daily activities.

It’s a 10 minute video on learning how to meditate and strangely enough, he’s so lovely that you find yourself actually sitting still for 10 minutes and listening to what he has to say.

Don’t be put off by the different title, it’s the busy, overactive monkey brain he’s talking about and how we can focus.

See if you can sit still long enough to watch it, and let us know how you get on …



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