Magnesium for Muscle Cramps

What is Magnesium?

Research shows that every cell in the body needs magnesium to function, and that it may be responsible for up to hundreds of chemical reactions in the body.

Without magnesium muscles cannot contract and nerves cannot function properly. Deficiency can even disrupt sleep, which is valuable to healing.

Magnesium may be helpful for a reduction in tiredness and fatigue, better sleep, heart health, bone health, ease of premenstrual syndrome, reduction in the frequency of migraines and muscle aches and cramps.

Magnesium deficiency can cause muscles cramps and not just in the legs and feet. A more severe deficiency will affect other muscles and can be very painful.

Other symptoms of magnesium deficiency may include general muscle aches, muscle tightness, muscle twitches and restless legs.

Muscle cramps and exercise

As discussed here in Why the Joe Wicks Workout is Bad for You, exercise can be a complicated thing when it comes to fatigue. Sometimes you won’t even notice until later, and in the case of muscle cramps, unfortunately it’s usually when you’re in bed.

Muscles cramps, especially when you’re in bed can be extremely painful.

Magnesium-rich foods for muscle cramps

You may be able to increase your intake through foods such as very dark chocolate or cocoa powder (cacao is even better), almonds, spinach, cashews, avocado, mixed nuts, peanut butter.

The problems is that getting enough of these on a daily basis can be tricky. I am sure you’ll agree that the chocolate and the peanut butter seem to be the easiest, but they have their own problems when eaten to excess.

Stretching for muscle cramps

You know when you’ve finished exercising and everyone says you should cool down and stretch? It’s not a waste of time, it’s actually really important. Those muscles that have been contracting now need stretching, this will reduce the likelihood of cramps.

Even with stretching (with or without exercise) I have found, for me, that it still isn’t enough on its own and that’s why I choose to supplement with magnesium.

Magnesium for Muscles and Joints

Healer’s Gold MagCit Bio 500mg capsules provide 150mg elemental (active) magnesium in a highly bioavailable form.

This means that the magnesium gets to work quickly and effienctly. Magnesium citrate is one of the easiest forms of magnesium to absorb.

They’re suitable for vegetarians and vegans and you just need to take 1-2 a day.

What else can you do for muscle cramps?

If you are suffering from the symptoms of magnesium deficiency they why not throw everything at it?

After any exercise, make sure you stretch out. This doesn’t mean only after hitting the gym (probably don’t do that), it could be needed after walking up and down the stairs a few times, or even a gentle walk.

Try to incorporate more magnesium-rich foods into your diet on a regular basis. A tip for nuts and seeds is to whiz them in a blender or grinder. Once they’re finely ground, they’re easy to sprinkle on yogurt or porridge. Grinding them also makes them easier to digest, and they have the bonus of not causing broken teeth too.

I told my dentist about the ground nuts when I went for an expensive and involved root canal treatment and she was very pleased as she does lots of repair jobs caused by nuts.

Can I get all the magnesium I need from food?

It would be very hard to eat 1000mg of magnesium every day (that’s one 500mg capsule twice a day). A quick search on the internet shows that a good quality dark 70-85% dark chocolate contains 230mg of magnesium in 100g.

That would mean you’d have to eat FOUR 100g bars of 70-85% chocolate every day! If you look at the 100g bars of Lindt in the supermarket they’re usually £3 each of they’re not on offer. That’s £12 a day on chocolate.

Please don’t be tempted, as much as I love very dark chocolate, it would even make me very poorly, and that’s without putting all that extra weight on.

Take a magnesium supplement like Healer’s Gold MagCit Bio 500mg

That way you know that you’re getting the correct amount of magnesium every day and that any magnesium-rich food you eat on top of that are just a bonus.

You can buy Healer’s Gold MagCit Bio here


As always, I hope this has been helpful for you.

Sending you lots of love

Kate x

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