Why Tai Chi is the Perfect Exercise for Mind and Body

Tai Chi is the perfect exercise for balancing mind, body, and spirit. You don’t have to be an expert to reap the benefits, even 5 minutes of Tai Chi for beginners can be hugely beneficial.

There are plenty of places online where you can learn about Tai Chi, I like Leia Cohen from Tai Flow. She shows you everything very clearly and you also get to see the beautiful scenery of New Zealand in her videos as she teaches her sessions outside. Her videos usually consist of her talking you through the routine, followed by another one with the same movements but no talking.

Benefits of Tai Chi

Mood balancing
Better sleep
Clarity and focus
Reduced stress
Releases tension in the body and the mind
Builds strength and endurance
Keep you young
Helps to lose weight
Helps to improve back pain

Can you use Tai Chi to reduce stress?

You may have read it many times already here on Just Good Living but one of our biggest tasks is to reduce stress and be mindful of how stress affects us. For some people stress gives them migraines, for us it’s a complete zapping of energy.

You might feel like you’re not stressed right now, and that’s great. But we have lots of work to do on ourselves, lots of inner work to break down the stress that we’ve carried around with us for many years, stress that we’re not even aware of. We’re often so good at fixing things and carrying other people, that we are completely unaware of the stress that goes along with that.

Tai Chi, and other practices that work in harmony to balance mind, body and spirit do reduce stress. It’s the calming and the balancing of the mind. The opportunity to go into a slightly altered state, one of peace.

Leia reassuringly tells us on the beginner’s video that even if you’re not doing the moves perfectly, it doesn’t matter, it will still have a positive effect. That’s full permission to ditch the perfectionism, yet again. Tai Chi is a practise, it’s not about needing it to be perfect.

How does Tai Chi help energy?

During the session, you can actually feel the energy in your hands, I find it quite amazing. My favourite part of the Leia’s module 01 for beginners is when you take the moon in your hands.

I have a bit of a thing about the moon as it is (I might tell you about that some time), but I simply love moving the moon around in my hands and feeling the energy between my hands. I think that it’s at that point you realise how powerful we all are, and you don’t even need to fully understand why.

Tai Chi to reduce stress and increase energy

Tai Chi naturally releases stress and allows the energy to flow through us. It gives us permission to announce to anyone else in the house that we need to be left alone for 5 minutes of peace and the combination of all that means that we have more energy available to us.

It’s an opportunity to focus on breath and movement instead of a massive to-do list. It’s 5 minutes where we can allow ourselves to breathe in energy and light.

Practise this for 100 days and you’ll see the difference, you won’t even need to wait for 100 days to see yourself becoming more grounded, centred, and able to stand back from the madness. A new and stronger you will begin to emerge as you become more balanced.

Remember, this is not a challenge. You can ditch the perfectionism and just allow yourself to be a beginner. You can stick to the beginner’s 5-minute module 1 forever, or you can slowly build up to longer and more complicated routines.

There are no brownie points for being top of the class and doing the more complicated routines. In fact, the downside is that after the initial buzz of finding something new, you will probably find more excuses not to do it because it needs extra time and concentration. The easy 5 minutes for beginners on the other hand is a relatively simple routine and much easier to fit in.

Sending you lots of love and energy today

Kate x

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