Why the Joe Wicks Workout is Bad for You

There can’t be anyone during lockdown that hasn’t heard or seen the Joe Wicks workout. PE with Joe rocketed in popularity, everyone was talking about it. All across the country people were tuning in, and it many ways it was great. It even provided an opportunity for parents and children to bond and spend some quality time together in a healthy way.

I’m not knocking it per se but for people like us this kind of thing, especially when it’s going viral is something we need to stay away from. If you’re already tired, and I assume you are if you’re here reading this, then this type of exercise is likely to do you more harm than good.

People who don’t understand fatigue at all tell us that we should get more exercise. That’s all very well but when you’re dragging your body up the stairs to go to bed, you’re hardly likely to want to start a high energy workout, or any workout for that matter.

To be fair, it’s all relative and it depends on your fitness levels but even warm up exercises to normal people can be too much if you’re experiencing fatigue.

Exercise is important

Our bodies do need exercise, but you can do that in the form of gentle movement. It’s important that we keep our body moving, our joints supple, our heart healthy.

We think of exercise as a punishing regime but it’s all very individual. For some exercise may be a 10 mile run (please don’t) but for others it may be a gentle walk to the end of the street. Exercise is important, but so is knowing how much is right for you. Don’t look at what others are doing, they are not you.

You need to nourish your body

Fatigue is a sign that you need to nourish yourself. Forcing your body to support you during a high impact workout is not nourishing, it’s an abuse on yourself. I know that seems a harsh and extreme thing to say but it’s true. We need to build things up slowly and steadily.

In the early days even doing a little bending and stretching can leave your muscles feeling tight and give you bedtime cramps (try magnesium for muscles and joints).

If you are suffering from muscle cramps then you may find this article helpful Magnesium for Muscle Cramps

So if a little gentle bending at the knees leaves you feeling stiff and achy, then it makes no sense whatsoever to punish yourself with a harsh regime, jumping around the living room.

Also, and I know it sounds like I’m ranting here (maybe I am), but if you did do the workout and you did feel okay at the time, be mindful of how tired you feel afterwards. If you need extra sleep for the next few days because of it then your body is telling you that it was too much.

If you spend the next few days trying to sleep off the workout you’re much more likely to eat the wrong foods when you are awake. When you’re tired it’s hard to make good food choices and the tiredness also makes you crave sugar, salt or caffeine as a quick fix. Before you know it, you’re in a much worse situation than before, and certainly not a healthy one.

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Nourish your body, treat it with love and respect, I can’t stress that enough.

Try gentle exercise, don’t be afraid to seek out some gentle routines for seniors, your body has taken a battering so give it some gentle love. You don’t need to tell anyone that you’re doing exercises for people older than you if it bothers you.

Stop comparing yourself to others. Some people can push their bodies really hard before they have any negative effects, others, like us, are more sensitive and have a lower tolerance to the abuse. Be kind to yourself.

Accept that this is where you are right now and that things can get better, the sooner you stop fighting yourself the sooner the healing can start to happen.

It’s worth saying one more time but nourishment is what you need, not hard core workouts.

You may find this article helpful How to Exercise When You’re Always Tired.

Sending you lots of love

Kate x

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